No matter the size of your company or the sector to which it is addressed, none of this is of value to request loans for companies that are approved.

Where to get loans for companies?

Previously, when you wanted to get business loans, the bank used to demand that a lot of paperwork be done and wait several days or even weeks, so that you could have the money necessary for your business.

Currently, you can apply for loans for companies completely online and receiving the final response on the same day of the request.

Below, we inform you of everything you need to know to get loans, the most reliable websites currently, what requirements you need and what benefits you can get.

Where to get loans for companies?

Due to the economic crisis in which our country has been involved since 2008, there are more regulations that require a bank when we apply for a loan, and is that, if we already have a financial history with one, it is impossible do not go to her.

But over the years they have been making their way on the web, places where getting a loan for companies or individuals, has become easier every day.

Below, we present the different current alternatives to go to if we want to request a loan for companies that serve to revitalize or launch our business:

  • Banking entities: The time it will take to grant us these credits will depend on the period we have linked to the bank and the solvency of the company.
  • Companies and private equity lenders: these companies have the excellence of offering their products with a procedure through the Internet.
  • Crowdlending alternative financing platforms: these platforms are companies that will put us in contact with private investors who will decide if they contribute money to our loan requests for companies. These investors will receive benefits based on our level of risk, which we will pay in the form of interest.

Requirements to obtain loans for companies

There are many means by which we can get loans for companies, and very little the requirements that these usually request.

However, many of these platforms require some common documents to access their loans.

Those that usually demand for loans for companies are:

  • National registry: the company must have its seat in tax in Spain. This is because the products offered by these financial entities are regulated by Spanish laws and are adjusted to the needs of our financial market.
  • Annual income: in the great majority of cases, the company is required to have fixed income to prove that it is solvent and can face the debt to which it is committed. Sometimes, they also ask for a historical document with a minimum of years of benefit.
  • Company seniority: most require that the company be consolidated and be at least 12 months old. However, there are some loans for new companies that we can access, even if your business has little time in the market.
  • Credit history: as with personal loans, to access loans for companies we must not have outstanding debts, nor be enrolled in any file of defaults.