If you are in search of urgent financing and you find yourself in the condition of monotributista before the Afip, you can get a loan instantly through our platform.

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Loans to monotributistas have been designed for those who can not access a credit in the financial system because they do not have a salary receipt as collateral and need cash immediately.

There are several institutions that can grant cash to those who are enrolled in the monotax, most of them grant a free loan to use in any emergency that occurs, from a medical emergency to the purchase of merchandise for your business. . The requirements are minimal and the procedure can be carried out in just a few hours; Many times, the disbursement is made on the same day the application is filed.

How to obtain personal loans for monotributistas

Depending on the monotributo category, there are certain conditions and requirements that must be met to access this type of loan . In general, it is required that the applicant has the status of monotributista during a period of at least two years of exercise. Once the alternative that best suits your needs is chosen, you will have to enter your personal information and submit certain requirements. The answer is immediate and it is possible to carry out the entire process online.

The amount of the loans for monotributistas can reach $ 750,000 pesos depending on the institution to which it is requested and is subject to the credit review of the applicant. The terms for the return of the money are up to 72 months and some financial offer a grace period that allows you to start payments only after 90 days of receipt of the money.

What categories of monotributistas can access these loans

These monotributistas credits can be granted for any category of monotributo ; However, it is necessary to specify that you must have at least 6 months in the category and that, the higher the level of declared income, the greater the possibilities of receiving financing. As you know, the Afip has modified the values ​​for the current year, both the limits of billing and the amount of monthly installments by category.

Thus, the lowest category of monotributo, that is category A, has a billing limit of $ 107,525 pesos for this 2018, while the highest category, K, has a billing limit of $ 1,344,066 pesos. In addition, many of the financial institutions grant loans to social monotributistas; that is, they can provide financing also to those who are in the social monotributo.

What are the requirements to access credits for monotributistas

In general, most institutions require some main requirements:

  • Be Argentine by birth or foreigner with permanent residence in the country of at least 3 years.
  • Be of legal age, have your ID.
  • Have a CBU number.
  • A service receipt in your name.
  • Of course, proof of registration in the monotributo and the last invoices of income support according to the category.
  • In the case of being professionals, some institutions request the professional registration or the qualifying title, if applicable.

Also, it is necessary to take into account that these institutions evaluate the payment capacity of the applicant, in such a way that the amount of the loan installment to be granted does not exceed 30% of their declared monthly income. There is the possibility of applying the interest on the loan with fixed or variable rates, at your choice.

Loans to monotributistas are a great alternative to face an economic urgency , take advantage of some entrepreneurship opportunity or grow your business. They are granted quickly and without much formality and the conditions are usually very beneficial for the applicant. Through the platform you can evaluate the best option that suits your specific needs and start the process immediately.

If you are interested in accessing these loans for monotributistas or need to receive more information about it, you can leave us a comment with your doubts or concerns, we will respond immediately.