The mini-loans for pensioners , are fast credits to get easy and expedited money, since they have the facility to be requested by Internet and to have the money the same day.

 Requirements to request mini-credits for pensioners












You just have to access the web portal with which you will request the money, specify how much money you want and return it within a maximum period of 30 days.

Requirements to request mini-credits for pensioners

Whenever we are going to carry out some type of procedure, be it banking or another item, there are a series of requirements that we must comply with; and likewise it works when we want to access mini-credits for pensioners .

Some of the general requirements demanded by the great majority of lenders of these credits are:

  • Reside in Spain.
  • Have a contact e-mail.
  • Have a contact telephone.
  • Have an active account number in your name.
  • Have an impeccable credit history.
  • Have a source of regular demonstrable income, and that is sufficient to take over the loan payment.

If you meet all these requirements, you should not have any kind of inconvenience so that your loan of minicredits for pensioners is approved successively and immediately.

Documents you need to request mini-credits for pensioners

All the documents required to request mini-credits for pensioners are those necessary to verify your identity and income.

In this way, the lender avoids frauds, ensures a transparent and reliable 100% credit process.

The documents you should make sure you have at your fingertips are:

  • Copy of your identity document (DNI or NIE) on both sides and in color.
  • Your account number.
  • Send us the first page of the primer
  • A receipt in which your name and your online account number appear.
  • A proof of regular income. In this case, being a pensioner, you should send us the annual pension revaluation document.

How does your age influence to apply for mini-credits for pensioners?

Banks and private equity lenders study various factors related to their profile as well as their repayment capacity to decide whether or not to grant a mini-loan for pensioners .

One of the checks includes the age of the client to ensure that he is too young or older to assume the risk of financing

  • Early retirees: they can take out payment or life protection insurance attached to the loan contract. In this way, the lender will have the assurance that the borrowed money will be reimbursed. Life insurance will cover the insured until age 65, usually; those for payment protection, up to 70.
  • Retirees under 75 years old: may request loans for pensioners by taking out insurance in addition to the loan contract. In addition, many companies require that our age when the loan repayment is completed is less than 75 years, although this varies between entities and depending on the product we request.
  • Retirees over 75 years old: they will have to provide a guarantee, which will act as a payer in case of default for any reason.