The good news is that now there are new financial entities that offer different offers and types of loans and loans that anyone can request.

Quick credits with asnef and without payroll

Regardless of whether they have payroll or not, or if it is included in ASNEF’s delinquency list.

The traditional banks with their requirements and paperwork are left behind as a history of yesterday and companies of private lenders make their way into a market that needs them, facilitating many processes to all citizens, regardless of whether they are part of the ASNEF list or if they do not have a payroll.

How to get fast loans with asnef and without payroll?

The truth is that many people think that at the moment that their name appears on the delinquent lists it means that they have no possibility of opting for any credit or financing and this is not entirely true.

The financing market has developed from the bad economy that is currently in Spain, so there are many offers in the market of companies or private equity companies and lenders that offer their services despite being registered in These delinquency lists.

Even the same ASNEF can get you fast loans with asnef and without payroll if the amount is not very high, they can offer you a type of financing to pay your debts.

What are the characteristics of fast loans with asnef and without payroll?

The characteristics that have these quick loans with asnef and without payroll are:

  • Loans of low amount, can not exceed 1000 euros
  • You can not have a debt greater than 2000 euros in the delinquent record or you will not be offered the service
  • Availability the money in your account is 24 hours
  • Depending on the outcome of the risk study, you may have to endorse some property
  • If you do not make the repayment of this loan your debt will go to the list of defaults and could face a court order to justify the non-payment, as well as force you to pay the debt with any type of property you own

Is it worth to ask for loans with asnef and without payroll?

The best thing would be to get out as fast as possible from the delinquent registry as this closes many doors, there are many private equity companies that can help you with your problem it is not wrong to leave one debt to enter another in this case because the debt Asnef is much more expensive.

However, as always be careful with the terms offered by these private equity companies and lenders, all loans have their pros and cons, having a clear strategy is vital to avoid being in a bad situation when requesting quick loans with asnef and without payroll.